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Henri Testelin (1616 – 1695, French)

Louis XIV à 10 ans

Louis XIV agé d’une dizaine d’années

Louis XIV enfant

La famille de Darius au pied d’Alexandre


Harry Brooker (1848 – 1940, English)

(Part III)

The Boat Builders

A Good Story

The Tea Party

Afternoon Games

The Young Artists

Afternoon Pastimes

A Close Game

The Young Carpenters

Kangaroo Court

Oranges And Lemons

Firing The Salute

A Doll’s Tea Party

High Tea

On Parade

Playing Patience

Waylaid Marbles

Under Sister’s Watchful Eye

On Mother’s Knee

Dolly’s Toilet

Boy Whittling

The Captive

(3 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I and Part II)