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Edwin Holgate (1892 – 1977, Canadian)


title unknown

Mother And Daughter


George Hall Neale (1863 – 1940, English)

Marjorie Cohen, Aged 5

First Steps


Gerrit van Honthorst (1590 – 1656, Dutch)

Prince William III And His Aunt Maria van Nassau, as children

Daughters of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange (detail)

 Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange,
With His Wife (Amalia of Solms-Braunfels) And Daughters

 George Villiers Duke of Buckingham And Family

The Four Eldest Children Of The Queen Of Bohemia

 Elizabeth And Frederick Of Bohemia With Their Sons

The Tooth Puller

Childhood Of Christ

Adoration Of The Child

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

The Holy Family In The Carpenter Shop

Venus And Adonis

Concert On A Balcony

Maria de Medici