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Xie Zhiguang (1900 – 1976, Chinese)

Warmly Love Chairman Mao

Moving Into A New House

A Morning Off


Clément Serneels (1912 – 1991, Belgian)

Maternité Africaine

Garçon assis


Eric Tansley (1916 – 1979, English)

Aborigine Boy With Dingo

Japanese Chin-Chin

Arctic Dog With A Young Eskimo

Laureano Barrau (1863 – 1957, Spanish)


Chico comiendo fruta
(Boy Eating Fruit)

Joven Pescador
(Young Fisherman)

Niña cosiendo
(Little Girl Sewing)

Cuidando un bebe
(Taking Care Of The Baby)

Despues de la natacion
(After Bathing)

En el Barco
(On The Boat)

Young Shepherd