Edmond Louyot (1861 – 1920, French)

Girl With Kittens

The Little Beggar

Pierrot And Pierrette


A Volendam Girl On The Beach

The Little Gardeners

Girl In The Kitchen

Dutch Girl Serving Tea

Portrait Of A Young Girl

On The Beach

Young Dutch Girl With A Cup

Young Dutch Girl With A Basket Of Fish

Small Girl With Pigs

Return From The Beach

title unknown

title unknown


Young Girl By The Pool

16 risposte a “Edmond Louyot (1861 – 1920, French)

  1. I have found a painting that appears to be “young girl by pool” by Edmond Louyot. Does anyone have any idea what it is worth?

    "Mi piace"

    • Did you buy it? I think it’s worth 350 euro’s.

      I will give you 400 euro’s

      "Mi piace"

    • Hello, my name is Michel Louyot, I am living in Strasbourg in France. I am a writer. Edmond was my grand-uncle. I wrote a book about him. And the Museum of Zweibrücken in Germany will organise some exhibition of Edmond the 28th September. I would like organise some exhibition in USA too.You can contact me .

      "Mi piace"

      • Cynthia Connors

        I have an original oil painting by Edmond Louyot. It belonged to my
        grandparents. My grandfather had studied cello with a master in
        France on scholarship as a young man, and returned to study with the
        same master later in life. Painting was probably purchased there at
        one of these times.

        It has been appraised as a Louyot in Portland, Maine. If you are
        interested in the painting, let me know.

        "Mi piace"

      • I have a louyot painting. The name of the picture is Fancy Love InFancy Dress. It is 29 x 37. Does anyone know any information on this picture? My email is dvj20044@yahoo.com.

        "Mi piace"

      • Hi, Michael. My father-in-law died during the summer of 2014. When clearing the attic of my mother=in-laws house we came across a reverse glass painting of ‘A Volendam Girl On The Beach’. It measure about 20cms x 28cms. It has your grandfather’s signature on it. Could you give me any other information please? Regards Chris

        "Mi piace"

  2. I have a print of a dutch girl holding a bowl of milk with a drop about to spill from the bowl and three cats at her feet waithing to get the milk. The print is black and white. Does anyone know the name of this print. I can’t find it anywhere. On the back of the picture, there is a sticker that says 10856, E Louyot, Zudringliche Gaste, Copyright 1902 by Franz Hanfstaengl.

    "Mi piace"

  3. My painting is in color. Just seeing if anyone can give me a price on it it,s a 5 by7 its in a a old frame. Thankyou

    "Mi piace"

  4. Do you know. How much. A color. Print is worth.

    "Mi piace"

  5. I have an oil painting by Edmond Louyot. It is an oil painting on walnut of a musician seated in a chair with gold shoes on, holding a mandolin and turning the music pages with his right hand. My grandfather studied cello on scholarship in France in the 1900s. He must have purchased the painting there at that time. I have an appraised value of $1,800. for this painting.
    (10 1.2x 8) Let me know if anyone is interested in the painting.

    "Mi piace"

    • Hello Cynthia, Are you sure that this oïl painting is a work of EDMOND LOUYOT ?

      "Mi piace"

      • Cynthia Connors

        Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry. Life is so hectic as you know. Yes, it is an original Louyot. I had it appraised in Portland, Maine.
        Signature is very clear on the painting. It is actually quite a lovely painting.
        Do you know of anyone who would be interested in the painting?

        The details in the painting: gold slippers, chair, and floor are very striking in the painting. I don’t have an iPhone to photo it, but my son and his fiancé do. Let me know if you want me to email a photo of it to you.

        I was going to show it to an antiques dealing in the area who does buy
        paintings. Also, have contact info for Skinner (MA), Barridof (ME). They auction fine art work. Thank you.

        Regards, Cynthia

        "Mi piace"

      • Yes, I had the oil painting appraised in Portland, ME by a reputable
        man. He authenticated the signature on the painting. It is a very
        collectible piece of art.


        "Mi piace"

  6. Hello Cynthia , I organised some exhibition about my grand-uncle in Lorraine in France ten years ago and in Germany in Zweibrücken last year. Now I will try to organise some exhibition in USA although it is’nt easy. I will inform you about this plan if you want show your picture at this occasion….
    Best regards

    "Mi piace"

  7. Hello, I recently purchased a print in color, of “Young Girl by the Pool”, by Edmond Louyot. I cannot find much information about the artist or the particular print. The ones I have seen online are in black and white. Wondering why I haven’t found any of this print in color. Thankyou for any information you can provide. Email: cedarorion@yahoo.com

    Piace a 1 persona


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