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Julie Dowling (1969, Australian)

The Nurse Maid


Falls The First Time

Her Father’s Servant

The Circle

Self-Portrait – In Our Country

title unknown

Wipes His Face

Minority Rites

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Marcel Marlier (1930 – 2011, Belgian)

(Part VII)

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine petite maman”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine, un amour de poney”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine fait du camping”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine, l’arche de Noé”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine en montgolfière”):

(the following pictures are taken from “Martine et les quatre saisons”):

(the following picture is taken from “Martine, j’adore mon frère”):

(7 – to be continued)

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Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978, American)

(Part VIII)

The Music Man

The Stayathomes – Outward Bound

Boy Gazing At Cover Girls

Halloween – Old Man And Boy

Russian SchoolroomRussian Schoolroom

Little Boy Writing A Letter – Love Letters

Beguiling Buttercup


Planning The Home


Soap Box Racer


Boy With Puppies

You’re A Lucky Lad…

Mysterious Malady

Bread And Ambition

Big Decision

Cave Of The Winds

Time To Re-tire

The Land Of Enchantment

Spectators At A Parade

Girl Dressing Up For Halloween

Spirit Of ’76

(8 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI and Part VII)

Edmond Louyot (1861 – 1920, French)

Girl With Kittens

The Little Beggar

Pierrot And Pierrette


A Volendam Girl On The Beach

The Little Gardeners

Girl In The Kitchen

Dutch Girl Serving Tea

Portrait Of A Young Girl

On The Beach

Young Dutch Girl With A Cup

Young Dutch Girl With A Basket Of Fish

Small Girl With Pigs

Return From The Beach

title unknown

title unknown


Young Girl By The Pool

Shao Jingyun (XX Century, Chinese)

Sleep, Do Not Disturb Daddy While He’s Using His Head

We Want To Save Money As Well

A Harmonious Household

Thomas Lawrence (1769 – 1830, English)

(Part I)

The Calmady Children (Emily and Laura Anne)

Lady Georgiana Fane

Charles Wilson Lambton

The Angerstein Children

Portrait of the Children of John Angerstein

The Two Sons Of The 1st Earl Of Talbot

Lady Mary Templeton And Her Eldest Son

Mrs. Henry Baring And Her Children

Granville Leveson-Gower With His Wife And Their Children

 Caroline, Princess Of Wales, And Princess Charlotte

Mrs John Angerstein (Amelia Lock)
And Her Oldest Child John Julius William

Priscilla Anne Fane Holding
George Augustus Frederick John Fane

 Guglielmo Montenuovo, Son of Marie-Louise of Austria

Napoléon-François-Charles-Joseph Bonaparte, King of Rome
(called Napoléon II)

Peggy Shippen And Her Daughter Sophia

Laurence Sullivan As A Child

A Child

Head Of A Girl

The Mother Pride (Countess Harriet Gower And Daughter)

Self-Portrait Aged 12

(1 – to be continued)

Rudolf Hirth du Frenès (1846 – 1916, German)

Young Friends – Young Girl With A Cat On Her Back

Die Katzenmama

Set Sail – On A Great Journey

Interior von dem Insel Marken

Girl With Child In A Boat

A Jester Family In The Stable

The Bagpipe Player

title unknown

Boy With A Dog – A Dog’s Trick

Girl Portrait

Children Going To School