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Valentin Serov (1865 – 1911, Russian)

Girl With Peaches

 Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna

Children Sasha and Yura Serov

Mika Morozov

Portrait of Lialia (Adelaida) Simonovich

Portrait of Kolja (Nikolaj) Simonovich

Madezhda Derviz With Her Child

Charles Gleyre (1806 – 1874, Swiss)

The Bath

Beautiful Young Miss

Head Of A Young Italian

Hercules And Omphale

Xin Liliang (1912, Chinese)

Chairman Mao Gives Us A Happy Life

Little Red Guard Tea Stop

Making Fishing Boat Models

Study Hard
To Become A Proletarian Revolutionary Successor

One Big Happy Family

The Workers Are Helping Us To Install The Water Pump

Chairman Mao, With Us Together

Premier Zhou On A Visit To India