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Lajos Markos (1917 – 1993, Hungarian)

New CousinNew Cousin

Sitting By The HearthSitting By The Hearth

L.Markos - BubblesBubbles

L.Markos - Mother's TouchMother’s Touch

L.Markos - Girl With BraidsGirl With Braids

L.Markos - Young Girl ReadingYoung Girl Reading

Girl With Teddy BearGirl With Teddy Bear

1216title unknown

L.Markos - The Old Days Sod BusterThe Old Days

December DayDecember Day

Ernest Walbourn (1872 – 1927, English)

Shake Hands

Picking Primroses By The Stream

Spring Lambs

Gathering Wild Flowers

Feeding Ducks

A Village Lane With Figures

In The Orchard

Girls By A Stream

title unknown


Stephanie Brown (New Zealand-born Australian)

Tias Octopi

title unknown



Milli, Tess And Lollipop

Good Morning Tiger

Gracie And The Mushroom House

Lucas And Aiden

The Parker Kids

Three Cheecky Monkeys