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George Smith (1829 – 1901, English)

A Moment's Sorrow

Gathering The Grapes

Here's Granny

Home, Be It Ever So Humble

The Picture Book

The Visitor

Lace Making

Little Villagers

The Flute Player

Musing On The Future

As Cold Water Is To A Thirsty Soul, So Is Good News From A Far Country

Temptation - A Fruit Stall

Bob Cherry

Saying Grace - Cottage Interior

Spring Flowers

The Soldier's Wife

The Nibble

Fishing By A Weir

The Gamekeeper's Courtship

The Card Players

The Will Found

The Rightful Heir

A Truant From School

Peace At Last - Interior With Mother And Two Children

The First Fancy Dress

The Sisters Lesson

Fondly Gazing

The Story Book

Family Scene

Watching The Baby

Passing The Time