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Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978, American)

(Part IX)

A Pilgrim's Progress

Take Your Medicine

Dewey v. Truman


Lands Of Enchantment - Boy Reading Age Of Chivalry

Card Tricks

Cousin Reginald Catches The Thanksgiving Turkey

Catching The Big One

Mighty Proud

Family Grace

Setting One's Sights

On Top Of The World

Grandpa And Me Raking Leaves

Our Heritage

Thanksgiving Pie

The Stuff Of Which Memories Are Made

The Wishbone

A Visit With Norman Rockwell

Chilling Chore

Lickin' Good Bath

Tough One - Father And Boy Doing Homework

Boy And Dog - Boy Fishing

Boy Riding Stick Horse

Mother Holding A Plate With Turkey

Father Carving Turkey

(9 – to be continued) 

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