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Bruno Di Maio (1944, Italian)

(Part II)

The Little Ladies

Portrait Of A Young Girl

title unknown

The Game

The Surprise

Portrait Of Teenage Girl With Cat

Rocking Horse

The Pink Snails

The Rabbit

The Gift

Triumphant Trio

 (See also: Part I)

(Bruno Di Maio official site)

Francisco Goya (1746 – 1828, Spanish)

Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga

Mariano Goya, The Artist's Grandson

Charles IV And His Family

The Family Of Infante Don Luis

The Duke And Duchess of Osuna And Their Children

Portrait Of Victor Guye

Maria Teresa de Borbon y Vallabriga

Infante Don Sebastian Gabriel de Borbon y Braganza

Pepito Costa y Bonells

The Wedding

Playing At Giants

Boys Playing At Soldiers

Boys Climbing A Tree

Child's Play

Boys Picking Fruits

Witches Sabbath

The Holy Family

Ethel Porter Bailey (? – 1927, English)

Master Geoffrey Harmsworth

Geoffrey Harmsworth


John Hansen (1957, Canadian)

Girl With A Balloon

Boy With A CD


 (John Hansen official site)

Walter Hunt (1861 – 1941, English)


Waiting To Be Fed

The Weanlings - Much Ado About Nothing


Feeding Time

The Orphan

Feeding The Calves

The Encampment

Rest At Noon

Wang Yidong (1955, Chinese)

(Part I)

The Quiet Birch Forest

Quiet Snow - Returning To Her Parents

title unknown


Listen To The Rain


Mountain Magpie

Yi River Water


Early Spring


Ripe Pomegranate

Waking Of Insects

Yimeng Baby

Yimeng Baby

Clouds On The Horizon


Spring Chill

Yuan Lei

A Small Hospital

Downtown Housing

Yimeng New Year


 (1 – to be continued)

(Wang Yidong official site)

Frank William Warwick Topham (1838 – 1924, English)

Rescued From The Plague, London 1665 – Pepys Saves A Saddler’s Child

The Lily

A Roman Triumph

Naaman’s Wife

Young Girl On A Swing

Toddler’s First Steps


The Story Of Ruth And Boaz

Spanish Amusements

Home After Service

Sick Soldier Receiving Shelter

A Messenger For Good Tidings – News Of Relief To Florence In 1496

Market Day, Perugia

Pensioners Of Assisi

Italian Games

Going To The Market

Hannah Wife Of Elkanah Takes Her Young Son Samuel To The Temple At Shiloh

The Young Violinist


Courting Young Couple

 Woman Holding A Child (painting courtesy of Manoj Chouhan)

Woman Holding A Child (painting courtesy of Manoj Chouhan)