Archivi del giorno: dicembre 7, 2011

Erik Tryggelin (1878 – 1962, Swedish)

Female Pupils For Confirmation

A Sunny Day's Outing

Spring Landscape With Girls At The Creek



Aurel de Loof (1901 – 1982, Belgian)

Le Mariage

Wagenia Woman And Children Fishing In A River


Solomon Samsonovich Boim (1899 – 1978, Russian)

Young Sailor

The Concert

New Friends

Nahimov Cadets On The Cruiser Aurora

At Training

Arrival Of The Suvorov Cadets To Meet With The Nahimov Cadets

The Boatman And The Boy

Signal Boy


The Darling

Leisure Day On The Neva

The Girl In Red Dress

The Three

A Young Printer

Music Lesson

 Special thanks to Anna. Most of these paintings are taken from her beautiful blog.