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Miroslav Yotov (1977, Bulgarian)



Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part IV)

The Young Boy With the Stable-Lantern

After The School

A Traveling Family Of Beggars Is Rewarded By Poor Peasants On Christmas Eve

The Grandmother's Birthday

Children Making Their Grandmother A Present On Her Name Day

Girl Lost In Contemplation Of An Image Of The Virgin

The Veneration Of St. John Nepomuk

Christmas Morning

Grandfather's Birthday

Returning From the Fair

Palm Sunday

Extreme Unction

Philippine Bohmer - Girl With Straw Hat

The Homecoming

Family Odkolek

Antonia Seemann

Children With Grapes

title unknown

title unknown

Homecoming From the Harvest (On Lake Zug)

Church Attendance In The Spring

Returning Home After The Wedding

The Request Of The Child


 (See also: Part I, Part II and Part III)