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Joseph-Denis Odevaere (1775 – 1830, Belgian)

Portrait Of A Prominent Gentleman With His Daughter And Hunting Dog

A Lady (possibly Madame Vigier) With Her Son

A Child Playing With Cards


Unsigned (XIX Century, American)

Two Girls

Girl With Ringlets In Pink Dress

Girl With Blue Ribbon In Her Hair

Family Portrait

Mother With Children At Bedtime

Two Children Admiring A Bird

Confederate Soldier And Nurse With Daughter

Home Sweet Home


Yvonne Gilbert (1951, English)

(Part II)

What Katy Did

Country Children

Baby And Mirror

Bed Time Cuddle

Goodnight My Angel

Goodnight My Angel

Child Sleeping

Stephanie And Melissa

Seaside Memories

Seaside Memories

Seaside Memories

Seaside Memories

Lullabies And Cradle Songs

Children's Classics

The Past

Sally J. Freedman

 (See also: Part I)

(Yvonne Gilbert official site)