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Gao Junfeng (Chinese)

Eugenics Cause Happiness (*)

 (*) Obviously I think there’s nothing good in eugenics. That’s the title of a propaganda painting created for Chinese population policy campaign…So let’s just consider the quality of the painting and not its purpose of propaganda.

Ingrid Linnea Ruin (1881 – 1956, Finnish)

Dala Girl With Doll

Portrait Of A Child

Dalecarlian Girl In An Interior


Naked Behind A Tree

The Smiling Girl

Mother And Child

Girl With A Cat


Emma Ekwall (1838 – 1925, Swedish)

Little Girl With Needle Work

The Little Spinner

Little Boy

Boy Smoking And Reading


Girl Building A House Of Cards

Girl With Needle Work

Lightning The Pipe

Painting Girl

Children Playing At Wedding

Young Mother Rocking Her Baby

Smoking Boys

In Grandmother's Lap

Girl With Fan

Young Girl With Wooden Spoon And Coffee Mill

Gracious Gentry

Girl With Red Apple

Sleeping Girl