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Friedrich George Weitsch (1757 – 1828, German)

A Mother With Her Child

Giacomo Meyerbeer As A Boy


Peter Johann Raadsig (1806 – 1882, Danish)

Ingolfr Arnarson Settles In Iceland

Evening On the Shore

A Grandfather Instructs His Granddson On His First Commercial Travel

Meeting After A Day's Work

Shipwrecked On A Rock

Edward Tayler (1828 – 1906, Swiss-born English)

A Young Girl

Grandad's Favorite

Portrait Of A Girl

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Melville Portal

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Portrait Of A Child

A Young Girl

Victor Ralph And Henry Cornwallis

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Girl In A White And Gold Headscarf

Portrait Of A Young Girl

James Gordon As A Child, Aged 5

Princess Beatrice

Princess Albertine Victoria Of Leiningen

Princess Victoria Of Hesse

Two Children

Fair-Haired Young Girl