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Friedrich Novak (1853 – 1940, Austrian)

Philippine Welser Seeking Mercy From Ferdinand I


Theodor Christoph Schüz (1830 – 1900, German)

Idyllic Scene At Lake Nemi

Midday Prayer In The Harvest

Elisabeth Faber As A Child


Lynn Lupetti (1938, American)

(Part II)

Song Of The Sea

The Lionhearted

The Innocent Architect

The Wish

The Toymaker's Son

Lords Of The Moon


A Higher Purpose

title unknown

Oberon's Gift

The Piper

Dream Weavers

The Enchanted Knight

Rush Hour - Quimili, Argentina

Little Brother - El Colorado, Argentina

Gold Eyes - Old Delhi, India

Mission Child

 (See also: Part I)

(Lynn Lupetti official site)