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Filippo Pelagio Palagi (1775 – 1860, Italian)

Isaac Newton's Discovery Of The Refraction Of Light

The Meeting Of Charles VIII and Gian Galeazzo Sforza in Pavia, 1494


Brian Hatton (1887 – 1916, English)

Alisa Marr Hatton (The Artist's Older Sister)

Girl Seated In A Red Beret (Marjorie Hatton, The Artist's Younger Sister)

Alisa And Marjorie Hatton With A Racquet

Playing Draughts (The Artist's Sisters)

The Skylark

Alisa Hatton

Alisa At The Piano


Gabriel Picart (1962, Spanish)

The Joy Of Life



Mother And Child

Passion For Reading

The Problems Grow

The Connoisseur II (Street Art)


Thirsty Friend

Queen Of Butterflies


Friend Monkey

Alison Of Arabia

Alison Rides The Rapids

The Ghost Of Camp Whispering Pines

The Door In The Wall

 (Gabriel Picart official site)