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Thomas Satterwhite Noble (1835 – 1907, American)

John Brown's Blessing

Margaret Garner or The Modern Medea

The Last Sale Of Slaves


Carl Timoleon von Neff (1804 – 1877, Estonian)

Italian Woman With Children On The Stairs

The Olsufyevs Children

Neapolitan Shepherd On The Beach, Lit By The Rising Sun

The Oriental Storyteller

The Young Water Carrier

Italian Street Children

title unknown

An Allegorical Figure


Caspar Netscher (1639 – 1684, Dutch)

A Lady And A Girl

Mother Combing Her Child

A Young Boy Making Bubbles

A Lady Teaching A Child To ReadA Lady Teaching A Child To Read

Girl In A Blue Dress With A Spaniel

Lady With A Parrot And Child

Young Girl Holding A Rose

Chaff Cutter With A Woman Spinning And A Young Boy

Artist’s Daughter And Son

Family Scene

The Children Of The Family Bicker van Zwieten

Woman Playing Basse de Viole

Two Boys Blowing Bubbles

Gerrit Craeyvanger

A Young Girl

A Girl And A Boy

Young Boy