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Jeanna Maria Charlotta Bauck (1840 – 1926, Swedish)

title unknown

A Little Girl


Gustav Adolf Clemens (1870 – 1918, Danish)

Twin Sisters


Johan Mari Henri ten Kate (1831 – 1910, Dutch)

Secret Presence

A Helping Hand

Young Rascals

Feeding The Birds

A Fisherman's Family

The Naughty Hen

At The Farm

Jolly Girls After The Picnic

Little Bird Catcher

Chicken Run

The Tame Magpie

Feathered Company

Picking Apples

En Plein Air

Fisherman's Wife With Her Children On The Beach

Playing With The Puppies

Tender Feelings

An Unpleasant Discovery

Promising Talent

Guarding A Gentleman's Belongings

The Bird's Nest

Children Playing In The Wood

Little Gossips

 (2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)