Ciro Morrone (1956, Italian)


Ciro Morrone - maternità

(Ciro Morrone official site)


2 risposte a “Ciro Morrone (1956, Italian)

  1. Estimated blog administrator I AM A CHILD.
    first of all express my sincere admiration for your kindness and understanding to the world of children.
    I am a teacher and aunt of three children of 13-10 and 3 years. practically are my children, because since the death of his father, I have taken over their care.
    on his blog, through the pictures you exposed, we see them and understand why the effort of his work.
    very few people understand that children are the hand of God in the Earth with her smile, her sweet eyes, the innocence of your questions.
    you are choosing the paintings and their authors, has found the most tender infancy, which very few adults know that it exists.
    Best wishes from Tenerife (Canary Islands) SPAIN yolanda and nephews:
    Valkyrie 13 years
    adrian 10 years
    guido mark 3 years. children alos much time I see reflected in the pictures you out in your great blog.
    thanks for sharing with art lovers and infancia.YOLANDA Rutte.
    I beg your pardon for my bad english…..

    Mi piace


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