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Frank Dicksee (1853 – 1928, English)

The Mother

The Daughters Of Eve



The Young Princess

An Infant Saint

Mother And Child

Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819 – 1895, English)

Little Florist


Begging For Bread


Within The Shadow Of The Church

Spring Maiden



Gerard Terborch (1617 – 1681, Dutch)

Memorial Portrait Of Moses Terborch

Mother Combing The Hair Of Her Child

Boy Ridding His Dog Of Fleas

The Van Moerkerken Family

The Reading Lesson

The Concert

Woman Peeling Apples

Helena van der Schalcke As A Child

The Artist's Sisters, Gesilda And Catharina, Dressed As Shepherdess

The Family Of The Stone Grinder

Lady At Her Toilette

The Letter

Karl Diebitsch (1899 – 1985, German)



Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983, American)

(Part I)

Little Boy With Dirty Hands

Brushing Their Teeth

Eavesdropping On Love

Scuba In The Tub

Christmas Photograph

Let Freedom Ring

Dog Pound

Backyard Dog Show

Dad, The Fish Are Biting

Goodnight Kiss

Visiting The Grandparents

Leaving Grocery In Rain

Row, We're Out Of Gas

Space Traveller

First Pair Of Heels

Automobile Showroom

title unknown

Gentle Like A Cyclone

Big Day Coming

title unknown

Christmas Sermon

Our World


(1 – to be continued)

Mattias Sammekull (1972, Swedish)

Portrait Of Emma

The Conqueror

Portrait Of William

Aleksey Tyranov (1808 – 1859, Russian)

Portrait of a Girl

Boy With Broom

Young Housewife

Girl With Fruits

Moses' Mother

Family Portrait

Boy Blowing Bubbles

Girl With Tambourine

Sleeping Boy (Nikifor Krylov)

Self-Portrait (17 Years Old)