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Andrei Kirillovich Lashin (1840 – ?, Russian)

Shepherd Boy Sleeping

A Lad With Balalaika

Painting Apprentices


Rudolf Epp (1834 – 1910, German)

(Part I)

Girl With Cat

Mother And Child

First Look Out The Window

Girl With Red Bow

Mother And Child

The Red Sock - Mother Dressing Her Child

Child Eating Cherry

Mother And Children Outside The Confessional

The Sleeping Child

Park Idyll

The Zither Player

In The Room

The Uninvited Guest

The Uninvited Guest II

Punch And Judy

Young Girl With A Bow In Her Hair

Lightning Pipe

A Marvel From The Fair

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Father And Mother

Cooking Lessons

Stay Outside

Joys Of Motherhood

title unknown

 (1 – to be continued)