George Timothy Tobin (1864 – 1956, American)

 Boy Playing Harmonica

Girl Swimming

Life Of Christ

Life Of Christ

Life Of Christ


5 risposte a “George Timothy Tobin (1864 – 1956, American)

  1. this looks a little like the work of Norman Rockwell (who you do not appear to have on your list.) Living in Australia, my mother subscribed to Saturday Evening Post (from USA) and I would wait with anticipation for it to arrive (late 50’s-early 60’s); particularly Rockwell’s covers fascinated me.

    Mi piace

    • Dear Ms. Hedy Pardey,
      You have it turned around: it’s not that the paintings you mention looked like Rockwells, it’s that Rockwell’s paintings looked like Tobins.
      My great uncle, George Timothy Tobin, tutored Rockwell for I believe four years from the time Rockwell was 14 to the time Rockwell was 18 and went away to college. They both lived in New Rochelle at the time. I have seen original birthday cards that Rockwell would send to my uncle over the years. I never had the effrontery to ask for one of them. My aunt, Margaret Tobin, his niece and caregiver, sold them off soon after his death in ’56 in St. Albans, VT. The difference between the two is that Rockwell always had something to say and my uncle rarely so. Rockwell was an artist, my uncle, a consummate illustrator.

      Phil Tobin

      Mi piace

  2. My comment was for Tobin, looking a little like Rockwell, not Helst (wrong century!)

    Mi piace

    • The first painting is an illustration for the cover of Collier’s magazine and, you’re right, it looks like a Rockwell’s painting. But Tobin was, most of all, a book illustrator.

      Mi piace

      • Hey Canterville ————- You got it wrong. Rockwell looks like Tobin. My Uncle George Tutored Rockwell in New Rochelle for four years when Rockwell was 14 — 18, until Rockwell went away to college.
        Phil Tobin

        Mi piace


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