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François Devosge (1732 – 1811, French)

St. Anne And The Virgin (after Jean-Baptiste Deshays)

Mikhail Fedorovich Kholuev (1923 – 1990, Russian)

Young Girl

Sormovo. Year 1905


Young Girl

Young Girl Thinking

Portrait Of A Kid


Sormovo. Year 1905

Sormovo. Year 1905

Year 1941, Departure

The Trains Go Home

Self Portrait

thanks always to Ann Kykolnik


Alan Stephens Foster (1892 – 1969, American)

Safe On Base

Rough Housing

Second Thought

The Other Half

The Other Half

High In Energy

Hockey Waits, Tying Skates

String Quartet

I Was Tardy

Bozo, The Talking Dog



Sledding With Grandpa

Peacedale Corners Band

Dad At Bat

Uphill Sledding

Football Huddle

Watering The Elephant

Arguing The Call


Huckleberry Finn