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R. Polasky (?)

Boy With Snowball

Dmitry Levitzky (1735 – 1822, Russian)

Anna Artiomievna Buturlina

Alexander I of Russia

Praskovia Artemevna Vorontsov

Catherine Pavlovna of Russia

Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna As A Child

Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna As A Child In 1791

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna As A Child

F.P.Makerovskogo In Costume

Princess Davydova And Rzevskaja

Agafia Dmitrievna (Agash) Levitsky, Daughter Of The Artist

(thanks always to Ann Kykolnik)






Caesar van Everdingen (1617 – 1678, Dutch)

Portrait Of A Two-Years Old Boy - Boy Holding An Apple

Portrait Of A Girl As A Huntress

A Young Boy Blowing Bubbles

Diogenes Seeks A True Man

Bacchus With Two Nymphs And Cupid

Amor Holding A Glass Orb

Holy Family

title unknown

Allegory Of The Birth Of Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange