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Jean-François de Troy (1679 – 1752, French)

Louisa Maria Theresa Stuart

Princess Luisa Maria Theresa Stuart

Prince James Francis Edward Stuart

Moses Cast Into The Nile

Paulus Moreelse (1571 – 1638, Dutch)

Portrait Of A Girl, known as The Princess

The Girl

Portrait Of Two Children

Portrait Of A Girl In A Dark Costume And A White Collar With A Coral Necklace

Child Portrait

Portrait Of A Girl

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Sophia Hedwig, Countess Of Nassau Dietz, With Her Three Sons

Portrait Of A Four-Year Old Boy With Club And Ball

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Portrait Of A Child

Allegory Of Avarice

Allegory Of Charity

Venus And Cupid

Saint Simeon With The Christ Child

Madonna With Child

The Virgin And Child

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Portrait Of A Young Girl