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Henry Thomson (1773 – 1843, English)

Master Roger Mainwaring

Two Girls In A Landscape

The Sleeping Child

The Mother Finding Her Infant Playing With The Talons Of The Dragon Slain By The Red Cross Knight

The Finding Of Perdita

Love Sheltered

Love's Ingratitude

Leoncio Talavera (1851 – 1878, Spanish)

Niño con cisne (Child With Swan)

El Cenachero (Fishmonger)

Carolus-Duran (1838 – 1917, French)

(Charles Auguste Emile Durand, known as Carolus-Duran, was the teacher of  John Singer Sargent)


Laura At Seven

André Germain enfant

Natalie Clifford Barney At Age Ten

title unknown

Madame Faydou And Her Children

The Artist's Daughter, Marie-Anne

L'enfant à la cravate bleue - Georges Feydeau enfant

title unknown

Clara Babbitt Hyde At The Age Of Five

Germaine Feydeau à 3 ans

Germaine Feydeau

Cornelia Martin later Countess of Craven

Jules Marx

Marie-Ann vue de profil

Portrait de jeune garçon

The Assassination

Edward D’Ancona (XX Century, American)

Miss Me

Alajos Györgyi (1821 – 1863, Hungarian)

Sick Child

Istvan, Emma And Minka Czobel

Emma And Geza Györgyi With A Young Woman

A Small Painting

Little Girl With Canary

Emma And Geza Györgyi

Bai Chunyu (1984, Chinese)




Jean-François de Troy (1679 – 1752, French)

Louisa Maria Theresa Stuart

Princess Luisa Maria Theresa Stuart

Prince James Francis Edward Stuart

Moses Cast Into The Nile