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Evgraf Sorokin (1821 – 1892, Russian)

Spanish Romani People

Family Portrait

Spaniard Beggar Girl

Marcus Stone (1840 – 1921, English)

My Lady Is A Widow And Childless


On The Road From Waterloo To Paris

The Painter’s First Work

The Young James Watt Playing With Steam

Sain et sauf

The Royal Nursery

The Tudor Princesses

Working And Shirking

By The Canal, Venice

Silent Pleading

The Lost Bird

Our Johnny

Rosina Mantovani Gutti (1851 – 1943, Italian)

Young Boy

Young Boy

For Your Children

Emmanuel Benner (1836 – 1896, French)

Prehistoric Man Hunting Bears

George Brehm (1878 – 1966, American)

Boy And Girl With The American Flag

School Children, First Love

Marge Loves David

Two Boys Bringing Ice Cream To A Girl

This Week Magazine cover

Boy Trudging On The Way To School

Two Boys Playing Baseball

Shallow Dive

title unknown

Sliding Into Base

Dreaming Boy

Frederick Walker (1840 – 1875, English)


Philip In Church

The Bouquet


Rochester and Jane Eyre


Strange Faces

The Chaplain’s Daughter

Marlow Ferry

The Bathers

A Fishmonger’s Shop

The Unexpected Visitor

The Music Lesson

The Old Gate


The Vagrants

The Right Of Way

Fisherman And Gillie

The Little Farm Boy

Summer Days

Autumn Days

Winter Days

The Schoolboy’s Story

The Bit o’ Garden

A Child In Prayer

Raul Allen (Spanish)

Ocean Wide, Ocean Deep

Ocean Wide, Ocean Deep

(Raul Allen official site)