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August Hagborg (1852 – 1921, Swedish)

Fisherman’s Homecoming


title unknown

Jean Hagborg Aged Six

Walter Frederick Osborne (1859 – 1903, Irish)

Mrs. Chadwyck-Healey And Her Daughter

Feeding The Chickens

A New Arrival

Dorothy And Irene Falkiner

Mrs. Noel Guinness And Her Daughter Margaret


An October Morning

A Children’s Party

The Goldfish Bowl

A Tale Of The Sea

Apple Gathering

Small Girl With A Cat

Breton Girl By A River

A Scene In Phoenix Park

The Dolls’ School

On Suffolk Sands

Playing On The Shingle

In The Garden

Cuno von Bodenhausen (1852 – 1931, German)

The Vision

Madonna And Child

Antonin Soungouroff (1894 – 1982, Russian)

Young Harlequin With A Cat

Les deux enfants

Jeune vagabond

Garçon à la cythre

Garçon à la mandoline

Mere et ses fils

Gosse au bol

Garçon endormi

Maternité bleue

Les citrons de Menton

Jeune marin

Mother With Child

L’enfant et l’oiseau


Marchand d’oranges


Enfant abandonné

Premier chagrin

Le jeune vendeur

Mother And Child

Li Zijian (1954, Chinese)

(Part I)

Red Apple

New Dress

Wishing Health

Breast Feeding

title unknown


A Flock Of Flying Geese

Silent Girl

Gentle Breeze

Buffalo Boy

Mother And Child

title unknown

Mountain Girl

Grandmother With Baby

title unknown

Sleeping In Spring

Sons Of Soil

Untouched Tranquility

title unknown


Between Heaven And Earth


title unknown

Young Girl

Portrait Of Caucasian Girl

(1 – to be continued)

Ian Goddard (American)

Serena Costantino

Serena Costantino

Sara Beth Chan

Umi GarrettUmi Garrett

Alisa GardenAlisa Garden

Alisa And MomAlisa And Mom

Olivia Woodland SpriteOlivia Woodland Sprite

Miss LisibellMiss Lisibell

Serena (Multi Portrait)Serena (Multi Portrait)

Sarah Beth Chan drawingSarah Beth Chan

(Ian Goddard official site)

Adolf von Becker (1831 – 1909, Finnish)

Maternal Happiness


In The Afternoon

Coins – Something For The Cat


Girl Wearing

The Cobbler And His Apprentice

Sick In Bed

A French Cobbler

French Interior

Girl Sewing

Sledding On The Ice Of The Northern Shore

Girl And Cat

Girl With Doll

Knitting Girl

Head Of A Girl