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Salvatore Postiglione (1861 – 1906, Italian)

title unknown

The Young Coquette

Boy With Violin

Children Resting In A Wood

Raffaello Painting La Madonna di Foligno

The Sibling’s Bond

Girl With Flowers

Young Peasants

Girl’s Face

William Owen (1769 – 1825, English)

Mordaunt Ricketts

Cottage Children

The Rest By The Wayside

Two Young Boys Playing With A Red Squirrel

The Grandchildren Of Sir William Heathcote

John Soane Junior And George Soane

Anne Hoare, Lady Mathew

The Hudson Family

Boy And Kitten

The 2nd Lord De Tabley As A Boy

Ernst Schmitz (1859 – 1917, German)

Spring Delights

Boy In A Southern Landscape With A Basket Of Grapes

In The Workshop

In Summer

A Zhi (XX Century, Chinese)

Chairman Mao Loves Children – A Mother With Ill Child

Chairman Mao Visits A Peasants Village

Mao Is Informed Of The Situation

Mao Sends Mother And Child To A Hospital In His Car

The Child Recovers And Tells The Story Of His Salvation

William Mulready (1786 – 1863, Irish)

The Young Brother – Brother And Sister

First Love

A Dog Of Two Minds

Open Your Mouth And Shut Your Eyes

Irish Farm Life

The Rattle

Fair Time – Returning From The Ale-House

The Fight Interrupted

The Last In

The Wolf And The Lamb

Giving A Bite

Lending A Bite

A Sailing Match

Mary Wright, The Carpenter’s Daughter

Two Children, A Nurse And An Old Man

Young Girl With A Kitten


The Seven Ages Of Man

The Butt – Shooting A Cherry

The Toy Seller

The First Voyage

Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go…


Ready For Market

Idle Boys

The Village Buffoon

Rustic Charity

The Artist’s Studio

The Lesson

Italian Organ Boys And Their Monkeys

The Convalescent From Waterloo

Carl Thomsen (1847 – 1912, Danish)

Butterfly Hunt

The Letter

Jules-Claude Ziegler (1804 – 1856, French)

Giotto chez Cimabue

Oriental Figures

The Adoration Of The Magi

La Vierge Bourguignone