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Per Hilding Perjons (1911 – 1998, Swedish)

Confirmation In Floda


John Trumbull (1756 – 1843, American)

John M. Trumbull, The Artist’s Nephew

Philip Church

Jabez Huntington, Jr (Artist’s Nephew)

The Vernet Family

Jonathan Trumbull Jr. With Mrs. Trumbull (Eunice Backus)
And Faith Trumbull

Mrs. John Barker Church (Angelica Schuyler), Son Philip And Servant

Holy Family

Eleanor Parke Custis

James Gore King

Hans von Aachen (1552 – 1615, German)

William V, Duke Of Bavaria, With His Son Albrecht V

Portrait Of A Girl – Maria Maxmiliana

A Boy With Grapes

Virgin And Child

The Adoration Of The Shepherds

The Holy Family

The Raising Of The Widow’s Son Of Niam

Bacchus, Ceres And Cupid

Bacchus, Venus And Cupid

Venus And Cupid With A Satyr

Girl Of The Walenburg Family