Tom Sierak (1950, American)

There Really Is A SantaThere Really Is A Santa

Waiting His TurnWaiting His Turn

Frosty & FriendsFrosty & Friends

Going HomeGoing Home


A Little Piece Of My HeartA Little Piece Of My Heart

Listening InListening In

Anxious MomAnxious Mom

Boy's Best FriendBoy’s Best Friend

A Stitch In TimeA Stitch In Time


Boys Will Be BoysBoys Will Be Boys

Building Her DreamhouseBuilding Her Dreamhouse

The Welcoming CommitteeThe Welcoming Committee

Close EncounterClose Encounter

I Wish...I Wish…

Partners In CrimePartners In Crime

Out With The New In With The OldOut With The New In With The Old

Little RedLittle Red

Finishing TouchesFinishing Touches

Command PerformanceCommand Performance

title unknowntitle unknown


Preserving The PastPreserving The Past

Weighing InWeighing In

The BouquetThe Bouquet

Grandson's HelperGrandson’s Helper

Our Favorite PlaceOur Favorite Place


Letting GoLetting Go

Make A Wish 2Make A Wish

Two SteppingTwo Stepping


(1 – to be continued)

(Tom Sierak official site)


Una risposta a “Tom Sierak (1950, American)

  1. These are really beautiful, and a nice warm Christmas mood in there too!
    Suzy 😀

    Mi piace


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