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Shahrad Malek Fazeli (1975, Iranian)

Mother And Child In The BalconyMother And Child In The Balcony





Study Of A Young Girl's PortraitStudy Of A Young Girl’s Portrait

(Shahrad Malek Fazeli official site)

Theodore Gerard (1829 – 1895, Belgian)

The Young ArtistThe Young Artist

The Happy Family - The RecitalThe Happy Family – The Recital

The Attentive NannyThe Attentive Nanny

The Biscuit ThiefThe Biscuit Thief

Cupid's MessengerCupid’s Messenger

The Day's News - Family SceneThe Day’s News – Family Scene

The BrideThe Bride

The House Of CardsThe House Of Cards

A Little AdviceA Little Advice

The BirdThe Bird

The Good School Boy - The School LessonThe Good School Boy – The School Lesson

The Little ThiefThe Little Thief

Market DayMarket Day

A Young Girl Braiding Her HairA Young Girl Braiding Her Hair

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