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Nico Wilhelm Jungmann (1872 – 1935, Dutch)

The Dutch Madonna - Holding A Loved One On The QuayThe Dutch Madonna – Holding A Loved One On The Quay

Mother And BabyMother And Baby

The Favourite DollThe Favourite Doll

A Girl With A DollA Girl With A Doll

A Girl With A RabbitA Girl With A Rabbit

Portrait Of A Young GirlPortrait Of A Young Girl

The Young Ice SkaterThe Young Ice Skater

Farm BoyFarm Boy


Dutch Ladies Knitting In Traditional DressDutch Ladies Knitting In Traditional Dress

Dutch Lady (detail)Dutch Lady

Dutch Girl In The RainDutch Girl In The Rain

Ride A Cock HorseRide A Cock Horse

A Boy Of Veere Astride A Rocking HorseA Boy Of Veere Astride A Rocking Horse

A Marken InteriorA Marken Interior

A Boy Cleaning KettleA Boy Cleaning Kettle

A Little MaidenA Little Maiden

Baby In ChairBaby In Chair

A Mother And Child Of AxelA Mother And Child Of Axel

Children Of ElspeetChildren Of Elspeet

Mother And ChildMother And Child

A Boy Smoking, VolendamA Boy Smoking, Volendam

A Little Saetersdalen Peasant GirlA Little Saetersdalen Peasant Girl

A Baby Of TelemarkenA Baby Of Telemarken

Little Girl Of TelemarkenLittle Girl Of Telemarken

A Lapp Mother And ChildA Lapp Mother And Child

A Boy Of GoesA Boy Of Goes

A Boy Of AxelA Boy Of Axel

Baby WorshipBaby Worship