John Burr (1831 – 1893, Scottish)

Love's Young DreamLove’s Young Dream

The IncorrigibleThe Incorrigible

A Happy HomeA Happy Home

The New ToyThe New Toy

What Ails It, Granddad? - Something WrongWhat Ails It, Granddad? – Something Wrong

The New DressThe New Dress

Anxious MomentsAnxious Moments

Mother And ChildMother And Child

The Travelling TinkerThe Travelling Tinker

The Careless NurseThe Careless Nurse

Domestic TroublesDomestic Troubles

The Dominie's VisitThe Dominie’s Visit

A Wandering MinstrelA Wandering Minstrel

A Wandering Minstrel 2A Wandering Minstrel

The PeepshowThe Peepshow

The Peepshow 2The Peepshow

The First MeetingThe First Meeting

Little Fisher FolkLittle Fisher Folk

Consulting The OracleConsulting The Oracle

The RobberThe Robber

Early TrialsEarly Trials

The VintnerThe Vintner

The Fifth Of NovemberThe Fifth Of November

The Old DominieThe Old Dominie

His First BreechesHis First Breeches

Homeward BoundHomeward Bound

A Cottage By The SeaA Cottage By The Sea


The Toy SellerThe Toy Seller

The Young MusicianThe Young Musician

A Young Mother And Sleeping ChildA Young Mother And Sleeping Child

Kept InKept In

A Dangerous PassageA Dangerous Passage

2 risposte a “John Burr (1831 – 1893, Scottish)

  1. Beautiful paintings. I like most that the children tend to appear shy. We were shy growing up…not painfully so, but quietly so. I wonder if we’ve lost that in our culture due to urbanization. And affluence.

    Thank you for these peaceful, family scenes.

    "Mi piace"

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