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Derek Charles Eyles (1902 – 1974, English)

Quo Vadis!Quo Vadis!

Motor TripMotor Trip

Tackle The Mystery Sneak ThiefTackle The Mystery Sneak Thief

Treasure IslandTreasure Island

Jiang Hui (Chinese)



Jiang Hui


Thomas Musgrave Joy (1812 – 1866, English)

The MotherThe Mother

A Garden SceneA Garden Scene

Off To SchoolOff To School

Victoria, Princess Royal And Albert Edward, Prince Of WalesVictoria, Princess Royal, And Albert Edward, Prince Of Wales

Homeless MotherHomeless Mother

The Well-Protected SleepThe Well-Protected Sleep

Bidding FarewellBidding Farewell

A Boulogne CarnivalA Boulogne Carnival

Brighton DiamondsBrighton Diamonds

Travelling Past 1760, Your Money Or Your LifeTravelling Past 1760, “Your Money Or Your Life”

Travelling Present 1860, Tickets PleaseTravelling Present 1860, “Tickets Please”

The Captive's WifeThe Captive’s Wife