Albert Janesch (1889 – 1973, Austrian)

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2 risposte a “Albert Janesch (1889 – 1973, Austrian)

  1. I have complemented your site in the past and I often look through since there is a wonderful collection of artists, but today as I was searching with my grandchildren, I realized that some of the pictures advertized in the first page from “Zerge” were sugestive for a child’s mind and a possible reason to imitate. There is nothing wrong with the human body from the artist perspective but for a child at an early age is a different story.
    My question is, Is there anyways to alert or prevent this?

    Mi piace

    • Dear Maria,
      this blog is primarily an art blog, not a kid blog. My first consideration is to give space to the artistic expression of each painter (also to the less conventional ones). This blog is firstly for art lovers or art students, not for children (even though they are the central subject of the blog). I also think that, in general, a child should not be left alone in front of the computer and that an adult should always take a preventive control of each site. In any case, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. All I can do, in the case of non-conventional artists, is to write a warning on top.

      Mi piace


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