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Paul Friedrich Meyerheim (1842 – 1915, German)

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

The Animal StoreThe Animal Store

890title unknown

At The CircusAt The Circus

Sideshow TricksSideshow Tricks

The Goat Traders In The VillageThe Goat Traders In The Village

A Dark-Haired GirlA Dark-Haired Girl

Children And Household's TalesChildren And Household’s Tales

Little Red Riding Hood 2Little Red Riding Hood

Hansel And GretelHansel And Gretel


Franz Eduard Meyerheim (1838 – 1880, German)

The New ArmorThe New Armor

Playing With BabyPlaying With Baby

Mother's JoyMother’s Joy

Peeling PotatoesPeeling Potatoes


The Altar BoyThe Altar Boy

Portrait Of A GirlPortrait Of A Girl