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John George Brown (1831 – 1913, English-born American)

A Young Aspiring SailorA Young Aspiring Sailor

The Little ServantThe Little Servant

Daisy McComb Holding A Pink RoseDaisy McComb Holding A Pink Rose

The Flower GirlThe Flower Girl

The Button Hole PosyThe Button Hole Posy

My Best FriendMy Best Friend

Music Hath No CharmsMusic Hath No Charms

Saint Patrick's DaySaint Patrick’s Day

Whats Your Name?Whats Your Name?

A Daughter Of The RevolutionA Daughter Of The Revolution




Heels Over HeadHeels Over Head

A Thrilling MomentA Thrilling Moment

The FoundlingThe Foundling

In Hard LuckIn Hard Luck

The TeacherThe Teacher

Waiting For A Bite, Central ParkWaiting For A Bite, Central Park

You're A BeautyYou’re A Beauty

The New PuppyThe New Puppy

Hide And SeekHide And Seek

Cooling Their ToesCooling Their Toes

Crossing The BrookCrossing The Brook

Crossing The Brook 2Crossing The Brook (second version)

That's Me PumpkinThat’s Me Pumpkin

Thoughts By The WaysideThoughts By The Wayside

Putting On AirsPutting On Airs

Competition For BusinessCompetition For Business

Shoe ShinerShoe Shiner

(1 – to be continued)