Hans Andersen Brendekilde (1857 – 1942, Danish)

Fishing Village Abbednaes In South SealandFishing Village

At the garden bankAt  The Garden Bank

The New DollThe  New Doll

Delivering The LetterDelivering The Letter

Playing Girls In The GardenPlaying Girls In The Garden

Watching the chicksWatching The Chicks

Two Little Girls In A Flowering Garden With A KittenTwo  Little Girls In A Flowering Garden With A Kitten

Under the appletree. Pedersminde, Rågelund.Under The Appletree, Pedersminde, Rågelund

H.A.Brendekildetitle unknown

Country Street With Playing Girls And HensCountry Street With Playing Girls And Hens

Danish summer idyllDanish Summer Idyll

Visiting grandmother in JyllingeVisiting Grandmother In Jyllinge

Village street with a girl at a white cottage.Village Street With A Girl At A White Cottage

A little girl with a cat and chickens near a whitewashed cottage with thatched roofA Little Girl With A Cat And Chickens
Near A Whitewashed Cottage With Thatched Roof

Hans Andersen Brendekilde -title unknown

Cutting Christmas trees in the forest, in the foreground boys playing in the snowCutting Christmas Trees In The Forest

A Young Girl At A Small Village Road In Early Spring TimeA  Young Girl At A Small Village Road In Early Spring Time

Village road with grandmother and grandchildVillage Road With Grandmother And Grandchild

Two Children Feed The Birds In The SnowTwo  Children Feed The Birds In The Snow

Summer day in the village with a little girl and a kitten.Summer Day In The Village With A Little Girl And A Kitten

Playing children in spring landscapePlaying Children In Spring Landscape

Picking Anemones in Hunderup ForestPicking Anemones in Hunderup Forest

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2 risposte a “Hans Andersen Brendekilde (1857 – 1942, Danish)

  1. H.A. Brendekilde is – together with L.A. Ring – the most famous painter of rural life in Denmark from 1880 – 1940. He started as a very poor artist painting poor peasants on social realistic pictures like the famous “Udslidt” (medal at World Exhibition Paris 1889, now at Odense Museum, and probably one inspiration for Edvard Munch´s The Scream), later in his life he observerved the ongoing urbanization and industrialization and realized more and more the beautiful aspects of rural life, which he continued to paint to his death. He also produced illustrations to some novels by Henrik Pontoppidan (Nobel Prize winner) and a lot of ceramics and glassworks for Kähler and Fyns Glasværk.
    Ralph Sonne

    "Mi piace"


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