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Bruno Logan (1969, French)


(Bruno Logan official site)


Jacek Malczewski (1854 – 1929, Polish)

Poisoned WellPoisoned Well

The Artist's DaughterThe Artist’s Daughter

Son RaphaelSon Raphael

The Artist's Son, Raphael - Raphael DrawingThe Artist’s Son, Raphael – Raphael Drawing


Angel, I Will Follow YouAngel, I Will Follow You

My ModelsMy Models

Temptation Of FortuneTemptation Of Fortune

St. FrancisSt. Francis

Shepherd And ChimeraShepherd And Chimera

Angel And ShepherdAngel And Shepherd

Juliana Nowak And DaughterJuliana Nowak And Daughter

The Artist's SisterThe  Artist’s Sister


The AngelThe Angel

Angel And Shepherd 2Angel And Shepherd

Blind FaunBlind Faun

Angels With TobiasAngels With Tobias

Tobias And The ParksTobias And The Parks

Do slawyDo  slawy