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William MacDuff (1824 – 1881, English)

Shaftesbury - Lost And FoundShaftesbury – Lost And Found

Christmas Morning In An English CottageChristmas Morning In An English Cottage

A Plea For Ragged SchoolsA Plea For Ragged Schools

The Toy BoatThe  Toy Boat

923title unknown

Ferdinand Loyen du Puigaudeau (1864 – 1930, French)

Chinese Shadows, The RabbitChinese Shadows, The Rabbit

Soap BubblesSoap Bubbles


Fete à Pont AvenFete à Pont Aven

101title unknown

Le Pouldu Woman Breast-Feeding On A DuneLe Pouldu Woman Breast-Feeding On A Dune

A Girl In White Fur Cape (Annette Osterling)A  Girl In White Fur Cape (Annette Osterling)


Children On A DuneChildren On A Dune

Odette au jardin de KervauduOdette au jardin de Kervaudu