Stevan Dohanos (1907 – 1994, American)

Washington Crossing the DelawareWashington Crossing The Delaware

Dessert CartDessert Cart

School BusSchool Bus

School PicturesSchool Pictures

Separation AnxietySeparation Anxiety

Boy On Fire TruckBoy On Fire Truck

Baby & Nail PolishBaby & Nail Polish

Muddied by Dry Cleaning TruckMuddied By Dry Cleaning Truck

Dripping ConesDripping Cones

Flowers for TeacherFlowers For Teacher

Playing House - Little Girls Having Tea Party In Cardboard BoxPlaying House – Little Girls Having Tea Party In Cardboard Box

Ice Cream Truck At The BeachIce Cream Truck At The Beach

Shop ClassShop Class

Chicks In IncubatorChicks In Incubator

Leaving The HospitalLeaving The Hospital

Watermelon At CampWatermelon At Camp

Walking the TightropeWalking The Tightrope

Inflating Beach ToyInflating Beach Toy

After the MovieAfter The Movie

Toddler and OrangesToddler And Oranges

Toddler Empties PursesToddler Empties Purses

Buying LobstersBuying Lobsters

Bridal ShowerBridal Shower

Clown BandClown Band

Rainy Day At Beach RentalRainy Day At Beach Rental

06 (1)title unknown

Thanksgiving Is A State Of MindThanksgiving Is A State Of Mind

Thanksgiving 1941Thanksgiving 1941

(1 – to be continued)


4 risposte a “Stevan Dohanos (1907 – 1994, American)

  1. Nice work. Reminds me of the beloved Norman Rockwell.

    Mi piace

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