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Maud Hall Neale (1869 – 1960, English)

Roselie and Leslie Lever-TilletsonRoselie and Leslie Lever-Tilletson

Léon Auguste César Hodebert (1852 – 1914, French)

Portrait Of A Young GirlPortrait Of A Young Girl

Marie Danforth Page (1869 – 1940, American)

Portrait Of A Young Girl (Frances Blackler Kennedy)Portrait Of A Young Girl
(Frances Blackler Kennedy)

Her Littlest OneHer Littlest One

Her YoungestHer Youngest

The SkaterThe Skater

The Tenement MotherThe Tenement Mother

Mother And ChildMother And Child

Boy With A HobbiehorseBoy With A Hobbiehorse

Portrait Of Miss BarbaraPortrait Of Miss Barbara