Tricia Reilly-Matthews (American)

Fall In LoveFall In Love

Thinking Of YouThinking Of You

A Mother's LoveA Mother’s Love

Playing Dress UpPlaying Dress Up

Pumpkin TimePumpkin Time

My Sister, My FriendMy  Sister, My Friend

Heart To HeartHeart To Heart

Especially For YouEspecially For You

The Doctor Is InThe Doctor Is In

My Little CupcakeMy  Little Cupcake

Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday

Little Girl At Beach - From Sea To Shining SeaLittle Girl At Beach – From Sea To Shining Sea

A Friend For TeaA Friend For Tea

Stop And Smell The RosesStop  And Smell The Roses

Marry MeMarry Me

Wishing You A RainbowWishing You A Rainbow

I'll Be ThereI’ll Be There

59title unknown

A Summer KissA Summer Kiss

Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home


Love Of My LifeLove Of My Life

Summer's BouquetSummer’s Bouquet

The Sweetest DaysThe Sweetest Days

Small MiraclesSmall Miracles

(to be continued)

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3 risposte a “Tricia Reilly-Matthews (American)

  1. I love your work, the children are so innocent.

    "Mi piace"

  2. These pictures are amazing. You did a picture of Katie when she was at Lakewood that is still hanging on my wall.

    "Mi piace"

  3. Dear Trisha. I hope you remember us from Lakewood Elementary school. My children are Erica and Michael . We are so excited to see your pictures here on FB . Your artwork is fabulous ! We loved every picture .. We still have a Christmas puzzle we got from you when you were teaching . Erica is now married and a mom to 2 liltle girls 4yrs & 2.5yrs and expecting twins. Mike is living home and studying engineering. I was wondering where I could purchase some of your art work or if there were prints available for purchase.

    "Mi piace"


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