Stan Ekman (1913 – 1998, American)

Child Cowboy In BedChild Cowboy In Bed

Cowgirl - Artist's DaughterCowgirl – Artist’s Daughter

West Bound TrainsWest Bound Trains

100 Simple Recipes100 Simple Recipes

Singing In ClassroomSinging In Classroom

Building The SnowmanBuilding The Snowman

Boy With Violin CaseBoy With Violin Case

American Weekly coverAt The Doctor

A Rainy DayA Rainy Day


ekmanAt The Newsstand

The Broken WindowThe Broken Window

Piano PracticePiano Practice


Everything Comes CleanEverything Comes Clean

AW051158Happy Day

Distracted By TurkeyDistracted By Turkey

Boy After Losing GameBoy After Losing Game

One Big PumpkinOne Big Pumpkin

Saturday Evening Post illustrationThe Skunk

This Week Magazine coverAt The Zoo

Man With Gun And Two ChildrenMan With Gun And Two Children

Girl Prays By BedGirl Prays By Bed

Calling SurgeryCalling Surgery

Kelly Springfield TiresFamily Leaving For The Holidays

The SchoolThe School

57Evening Prayer

The Rotarian coverBoy Watching A Boat


Una risposta a “Stan Ekman (1913 – 1998, American)

  1. Excellent work….reminds me of the work of the master himself (Norman Rockell). Good stuuf!!

    Mi piace


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