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Henrietta Ward (1832 – 1924, English)

God Save The QueenGod Save The Queen


The May QueenThe May Queen

First Interview Of The Divorced Empress Josephine With The King Of RomeFirst Interview Of The Divorced Empress Josephine
With The King Of Rome

The Princes In The TowerThe Princes In The Tower

The Queen's Lodge In Windsor In 1786The Queen’s Lodge In Windsor In 1786

Palissy The PotterPalissy The Potter

Flora Emma Sarah Ward On A Rocking HorseFlora Emma Sarah Ward On A Rocking Horse

The Maid Of OrleansThe Maid Of Orleans


Rudolf Geyling (1839 – 1904, Austrian)

Eternal YouthEternal Youth

Putto In LandscapePutto In Landscape

Noise In The ClassroomNoise In The Classroom

Michele Gordigiani (1835 – 1909, Italian)

The Silk DivanThe Silk Divan

GORDIGIANI_Micheletitle unknown

The Little LordThe Little Lord

The Artist's Son, EdoardoThe Artist’s Son, Edoardo

The Artist's DaughtersThe Artist’s Daughters

The Artist's Daughter (detail)The Artist’s Daughter

Cornelia Ward Hall And Her ChildrenCornelia Ward Hall And Her Children

Portrait Of ChildrenPortrait Of Children

Girl With Red Bow In Her HairGirl With Red Bow In Her Hair

Sarah Choate SearsSarah Choate Sears

Portrait Of A Young GirlPortrait Of A Young Girl

Portrait Of A BoyPortrait Of A Boy

Anna Ancher (1859 – 1935, Danish)

Mother and ChildMother and Child

Little BrotherLittle Brother

Lunch In The GardenLunch In The Garden

Elise And SorenElise And Soren

Entertaining GrandmotherEntertaining Grandmother

Evening PrayerEvening Prayer

Sunlight In The Blue RoomSunlight In The Blue Room

A FuneralA Funeral

Sheep ShearingSheep Shearing

A Sewing Class In SkagenA Sewing Class In Skagen

Two Girls At The Sewing LessonTwo Girls At The Sewing Lesson

Mother With Two ChildrenMother With Two Children

Small Girls With A CodSmall Girls With A Cod

Young Mother With Her BabyYoung Mother With Her Baby

Mother And Child 2Mother And Child

Grandmother With Her GrandchildrenGrandmother With Her Grandchildren

Nadezhda Strelkina (Russian)

Christmas WonderChristmas Wonder



Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

Christmas AngelChristmas Angel

From The Heavens To EarthFrom The Heavens To Earth

Happy TogetherHappy Together

Happy WayHappy Way

Magic ForestMagic Forest

Fairies NursesFairies Nurses

Flower FairyFlower Fairy

Mother And DaughterMother And Daughter



(Nadezhda Strelkina official site)


Alexander Levchenko (Russian)

Alexander Levchenko

Rosa Petherick (1871 – 1931, English)

Children Hanging Christmas HollyChildren Hanging Christmas Holly

Christmas ShoppingChristmas Shopping

Three Children On Christmas EveThree Children On Christmas Eve

A Visit From Santa ClausA Visit From Santa Claus

Christmas MorningChristmas Morning

Christmas Morning 2Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning 2 (detail)Christmas Morning (detail)

Boy Writing Santa A LetterBoy Writing Santa A Letter

Dora PetherickDora Petherick

Dolly's Music LessonDolly’s Music Lesson

On The RiverOn The River

The River HighwaymanThe River Highwayman

Dicky Takes A SnapshotDicky Takes A Snapshot

The Teddy Bear Kissed Her BackThe Teddy Bear Kissed Her Back

Poppies And CornPoppies And Corn

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

The Way To FairylandThe Way To Fairyland

Jack And Jill Scaring The ElvesJack And Jill Scaring The Elves

The Old Gnomes CaveThe Old Gnomes Cave

The Fairy CoachThe Fairy Coach

Peter And Betty Meet The Witch In The WoodPeter And Betty Meet The Witch In The Wood


Red Witch's CaveRed Witch’s Cave


Little Miss MuffetLittle Miss Muffet

On Christmas MornOn Christmas Morn