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Sergey Vasilievich Dosekin (1869 – 1916, Russian)

Preparations For ChristmasPreparations For Christmas

Felicitas Kuhn-Klapschy (1926, Austrian)

The following pictures are taken from The Christmas Tree:

The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree 2
The Christmas Tree 3
The Christmas Tree 4
The Christmas Tree 5

In HeavenIn Heaven

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood


The following pictures are taken from Peter And The Sandman:

Peter And The Sandman
Peter And The Sandman 2
Peter And The Sandman 3
Peter And The Sandman 4
Peter And The Sandman 5
Peter And The Sandman 6
Peter And The Sandman 7
Peter And The Sandman 8
Peter And The Sandman 9

The following pictures are taken from Little Hawelmann:

Little Hawelmann
Little Hawelmann 2
Little Hawelmann 3
Little Hawelmann 4
Little Hawelmann 5
The following pictures are taken from Christmastime In Pixieland:

Christmastime In Pixieland

Christmastime In Pixieland 2 - Keeping WarmChristmastime In Pixieland  – Keeping Warm

Christmastime In Pixieland 3 - The OwlChristmastime In Pixieland – The Owl

Christmastime in Pixieland 4 - WorkshopChristmastime in Pixieland – Workshop

Christmastime In Pixieland 5 - The TreeChristmastime In Pixieland  – The Tree

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