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Jacob Hart Lazarus (1822 – 1891, American)

Girl With FlowersGirl With Flowers

Byron Eggenschwiler (Canadian)

Changing The Equation


Educating MariaEducating Maria

Open RoadOpen Road

The Meaning Of WhiteThe Meaning Of White

The Haunted SchoolThe Haunted School

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Helen Thomas Dranga (1866 – 1940, English)

A Polynesian GirlA Polynesian Girl

Herman Richir (1866 – 1942, Belgian)

La Petite AmazoneLa Petite Amazone

Guerre et PaixGuerre et Paix

Portrait Of A Girl - Delphine DumontPortrait Of A Girl – Delphine Dumont

Eduard Veith (1856 – 1925, Austrian)

Madonna With Jesus Surrounded By ChildrenMadonna With Jesus Surrounded By Children

Head Of A GirlHead Of A Girl

untitledtitle unknown

The Broken WingThe Broken Wing

An Allegory Of PlentyAn Allegory Of Plenty

Allegorical SceneAllegorical Scene

Playtime FriendsPlaytime Friends

Mother And ChildMother And Child


On The LawnOn The Lawn

Charles Frederick Naegele (1857 – 1944, American)

Divinity Of MotherhoodDivinity Of Motherhood

Mother LoveMother Love

Portrait Of Three Children - Emma Flower Taylor's ChildrenPortrait Of Three Children – Emma Flower Taylor’s Children

To a friend

Angel Holding dove

I’m deeply saddened to learn that one of my dearest Facebook and blogger friends passed away a few hours ago.
 Clarissa Rodriguez, from Temuco, Chile, was a kind and gentle soul. We never personally met, we just got in touch a few years ago thanks to our respective blogs and I knew right away that she was a highly sensitive person.
Yesterday she sent her birthday wishes to me, with a special dedication and some verses by Pablo Neruda. A few hours later she died praying in the church during service…
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to her family and all those who loved her. Lo siento mucho. Mi querida amiga, que Dios te bendiga como sólo Él puede hacerlo.

“You shall be together in the silent memory of God”
(Kahlil Gibran)