Ralph Peacock (1868 – 1946, English)

Mary Dowie

Mrs. Evelyn Mary Agnew, née Naylor, with two of her children

Girl In Christmas Clothes

Young Girl Seated In A Panelled Room


Ellen Fox

Irene And Helen In White Dresses

The Sisters


title unknown

Young Woman

Miss Wilson

Master Wilson

Girl With A Doll

George Michael Kerr

Young Boy Sitting On A Stool

Master John S. Schilizi

Young Bridesmaid

Hildegarde Lasell

Young Boy With A Seashell

Portrait Of A Boy

Roderick Peter George Denman

Gladys Cooper In A White Dress

Young Girl In Blue Dress

The Dance

2 risposte a “Ralph Peacock (1868 – 1946, English)

  1. Thank you very much for the beautiful images that were sent to me. I really appreciate this.

    "Mi piace"


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